I like you, Tamako. I really like you!

Hiya again! I’m trying my luck to push out sales this time around. Prices include shipping and item and tracking to the US. Haggling (offers) are open! I accept paypal and concealed cash AT YOUR OWN RISK! (but I have done it before) I SHIP FROM CALIFORNIA AND SHIP TWICE A WEEK, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY! 

If interested, please contact me at my tumblr! :3

Talky Sylveon MIB : $38 SHIPPED W/ BOX, $35 SHIPPED W.O BOX
Talky Gizamimi Pichu MIB : $40 SHIPPED W/ BOX, $37 SHIPPED W.O BOX
Mini Piplup Pokedoll - $6 SHIPPED 
2012 Espeon Placemat - $15 SHIPPED 
2012 Umbreon Plush NWT - $23 SHIPPED
Victini Takara Tomy - $4 SHIPPED
Oshawott Bottlecap Figure - $1 

Thanks for signal boosting or interest! :3